"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” - Mark Twain


Science News for Students - an excellent online news source about all things scientific.

Physics Review - by Hodder Education, 25 years of archives of an excellent quarterly magazine for senior high school students (also Chemistry Review). 2020/21 issues here (cat+school).

HyperPhysics - comprehensive yet readable summaries on a wide range of topics; includes interactive calculators (by Rod Nave of Georgia State University).

HyperFactbook - a fact-book by Glenn Elert and his students (also HyperTextbook).

CK-12 Physics FlexBook - a good intro to many high school physics topics, with simulations, videos, examples, summaries and review questions (aligned with US state curricula, but useful for any syllabus).

Ebsco Library Database - Library research - books, papers, and magazines (also G-Scholar, SciHub, Lib Gen)


Phet Colorado - well programmed interactive simulations of variety of physical phenomena (CU Boulder).

The Physics Aviary - a large collection of HTML5 physics simulations and tools by Frank McCully.

Apps on Physics - another collection of well executed physics simulations, also in Thai(!), by Walter Fendt.


Science Bank - A useful (if mundane) YouTube channel, especially for IGCSE exams review.

A-level Physics Online - Short and succinct videos on a variety of A-Level topics and skills, by Lewis Matheson.

Veritasium - One of the most educated Youtube channels, by Derek Muller.

SixtySymbols - Advanced topics in physics explained in plain English, produced by Brady Haran for the University of Nottingham.


Physics World Careers 2019 - from

Careers in Physics - from

Thailand Centre for Excellence in Physics - at Chiang Mai University. - the World is your oyster, choose where you want to study.

Study in Europe - universities with low or no tuition fees (also here, here and here).