Tools & Calculators

The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Data Analysis:

Quick Graph - fitting the best-fit-line to data (also MyCurveFit, GraphPad, Xuru's, Desmos, NCESGraph).

Uncertainty Calculator - propagation of measurement 'errors' (A-level exams ask for 'correlated' i.e. pesimistic uncertainty estimates).

Alcula - simple descriptive statistics, data dispersion/box plots (also Xuru's).

Distributome - probability calculator and simulator (also Xuru's).

Quick Tools:

WolframAlpha - SI units and prefixes, conversions, constants, data etc. using AI - just type a question!

Desmos - easy yet powerful scientific grapher and equation solver (also, a useful Desmos calculator; quadratic equation solver; GeoGebra; Mathway; Eigenmath;

Engineering Toolbox - source of well-researched data on properties of materials, calculators and more (also HyperFactBook).

Periodic Table - interactive periodic table from the Royal Society for Chemistry.

2D Vectors Calculator - add multiple vectors and resolve them into components.

Triangle Solver - solve any triangle for missing angles and sides.

Omni - over 145 problem-specific calculators, with explanations (also vCalc, CalcSoup, Psychrometric Charts 1, 2)

G-Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides - Your free Google office, all in the cloud (needs a login).